Sterzhaw IV final Sterz – Sterzhaw 2024

Styria’s largest HEMA event is happening again!
Date: 18.10-20.10 2024
Locations: Arena Feldbach

||The Event

Sterzhaw is not just a tournament event! We offer a full day of workshops, two longsword competitions, and an open hall for free training and sparring. For the first time this year, there will also be workshops running parallel to the competitions!

||The Name

„Sterzhaw“ or Sterzhau refers to the medieval fencing manuals, some of which are still preserved and illustrate the art of combat with various weapons, both then and now. Only the spelling has changed; what was once a „haw“ is now a „Hau“ or strike.

On the other hand, Sterz is a popular and simple dish in Styria made from flour and water. Depending on the type of flour used, it can be Haiden, Turkish, or Brennsterz. Sterz is usually eaten as a main meal and can be served sweet (with jam) or savory (with beans or pumpkin seed oil). But there is also a middle ground: Warm, salty Brennsterz is dipped with a spoon into cold milky coffee.

||The Organizers

„Sterzhaw – Blades and Pumpkin Seed Oil“ is a joint project of INDES Feldbach and the „Historical Fencing“ section of PSV Graz. We are not only connected by our shared hobby but also by a long tradition of fencing exchange. Instead of competition, we are collectively dedicated to providing space for historical fencing in Graz and Styria and introducing it to those interested. We are happy to be opponents on the fencing floor and seatmates for a beer afterward.